tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2008


I bought a cool tripod for my camera today!

<---- Joby Gorillapod SLR

Thought it would be a fun addition tool in my photography-kit. And it wasn't too expensive either (33,90 €) which is good.

My hands are so unsteady sometimes that I figured a tripod would be helpful, but I still didn't want one of those big tripods (plus, my dad has one of those so I won't be needing a full-size tripod of my own).

I saw a gorillapod for the first time in this instructional video at www.nationalgeographic.com and thought it looked handy.

I've been studying my camera's manual and learning about shutter speeds and such. I'd wanna try shooting cars or something else that moves with a slow shutter speed so that it would look something like this:

I already tried some tricks with a flame in a dark room and actually felt as if I've learned something. I've found these shutter speeds and apertures so complicated things for my brain to comprehend that I'm pretty pleased with myself now that I've made some progress.

picture credits: www.thinkgeek.com & digital-photography-school.com

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