keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2009

Flickr addiction

I've been trying to get some more contacts and I've went through people's pictures in Flickr. I always end up in these insanely good and popular photographers' pages and start feeling...lousy. Which is the total opposite of what I should be feeling - inspired. I just get jealous. They have these crazy good self-portraits and their own style...

I know I know I'm just a beginner and they're not and practice makes perfect yadayadayada...I know. I'm gonna stop complaining now.

I'm having a day-off today and tomorrow. Class got canceled and tomorrow I have no classes at all. Kinda stupid, that they put our classes on Friday and leave Thursday blank. If they'd switch, we could have 3-day-weekend and I could go home early. And next week we have Tuesday and Thursday off. Lame.

I hate the fact that Gimp is so damn hard to use. At least for me. The things I could do with it.....if learning to use if wouldn't be so time consuming and pain in the ass. I'm no genius with these things and some things are just made too complicated. That's also lame.

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