sunnuntai 18. tammikuuta 2009

Old white paws snoring.

Here's the man of my life. ♥
He loves to wake people up in the morning and that's exactly what he did to me in the morning. As he had gotten me up and drooled next to my breakfast, he went straight back to bed. To typical...^^

Kersantti 2 Kersantti 3 Kersantti 4

I love how I can just smell the paw-sweat by looking at these! : D
All of them were in colour but I changed them into this sepia-kind b&w tone. Everything just looks better to me in that tone.

My goal for this weekend was to shoot photos of Kessu (the old mister above) and my music hobby. I haven't managed to do the second one. I don't have much ideas atm for that, so maybe I'll postpone it a bit.

And onto a totally different subject; I've been surfing on multiple dog websites and I'm starting to fancy American Akitas a lot. Not that I'm gonna be buying a dog anytime soon, but when I do, it's good to have some ideas and info already. Also Alaskan Malamute is a breed I've liked for a while. Don't know... Well there's plenty of time to think these things through. ^^

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