sunnuntai 15. helmikuuta 2009

Finally some good news!

Oh yeah! I'm in a much better mood.

I heard that MÖTLEY CRÜE is gonna be in Sauna Open Air Metal Festival (the best event of every year)! How awesome is that??!!! Among other really cool bands like Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Stratovarius and Amorphis. I'm so excited! Gotta buy the tickets next week.
I was just thinking the other day that there aren't any cool concerts coming up in the summer and then I heard these news. An awesome band is coming to the festival I was gonna attend anyways. And the fact that they're coming to a festival couldn't be better, 'cos the 3-day tickets cost about 80 € and you see many many many bands. So do the math; if you'd wanna see each of them in their own individual concerts, you'd have to pay like 20-60 € per concert so it's so much cheaper this way.
Finally I have something to look forward to.

I've been listening to Jason Mraz lately and I gotta say...His music has this really calming and 'happying' effect on me. I'd wanna see him live...He should definitely come to Finland.

And now I'm gonna watch a couple of episodes of Gilmore girls - another thing that always gets me in better mood. I just can't NOT smile while watching Gilmore girls. :)

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