lauantai 7. helmikuuta 2009


Sooo...I was over at my friend's place tonight and I took photos of her and her new clothes. We did each other a favor - I took pics of her clothes and she modeled for me, since I was bored of photographing my own face all the time.

Many of the pics came out unfocused (my unstable hands aren't doing me any good) and noisy, since we shot in-doors (and since I'm not that good in this all...). But thank God some genius came up with post processing programs! :) There were about 160 photos and now I've come down to about 121. Oh gosh....I have separated 26 pics that I think would be Flickr-material but I think that still might be too much.

I was thinking that I would make a few collages or something to narrow down the amount of actual uploadable photos. A little cheating never heart anyone, right..? ;)

We'll see tomorrow. Now I'm way too tired to finish this.
Anyways, very exciting! ^^

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