sunnuntai 29. maaliskuuta 2009

Browser problems

I installed the new version of Flock and unfortunately I had to switch back to Opera. I couldn't use the media bar anymore 'cos of some bug and the images on websites chose not to download. The media bar and the people bar were the only reasons I liked Flock so much and then they were all screwed up in 2.0. And even if I tried to install the old version, it didn't work. It turned out that as I re-installed the 1.1, the media bar was alright but the people bar didn't work. And of course that made the media bar all useless. 

It's just such a shame 'cos the media bar functions were so useful when posting & blogging photos from Flickr and checking the contacts' updates out. :( Oh shit, I totally forgot that I lost Greacemonkey too! I've gotta get the Firefox now! So out with the Opera and in with the Firefox. I can't lose Greacemonkey's just too handy in Flickr. 

I hate when this happens...Those updated versions should be better, but somehow they are always full of bugs and problems. Same thing happened with the new Windows Live Messenger! The new version didn't have the sharing folder anymore and I had to go through hell of a lot trouble before I managed to install the older version back. 

Anyways...I have a kick-ass idea for my fiftytwo next week! I hope everything goes well and I'll end up with some cool shots. :) 

I'm gonna have 3 school days per week for the rest of the spring (mondays and fridays are off) which is pretty cool too. 

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