torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2009

About discovering new music

Discovering new music is one of the best things in this world. I love getting music recommendations from people.

Back in the days when I still hung out in record stores all the time (I still do, but not as often) and found something I'd been looking for everywhere, the feeling was so great. The bus ride home was filled with anticipation and once I got home and got to listen to the CD...priceless.

A few times I've also bought a CD just 'cos the cover looked cool. For instance, RefleXion's first single, Undying Dreams, caught my eye and ended up home with me just because the cover had a cute guy with long red hair in it (I have a soft spot for men with long red hair).

13/52 I let you fuck with my head. I can't breath without you. It's what I like most about you.I remember discovering Sum41 (still love 'em) and Busted (don't listen to them that much anymore though) from Pepsi Chart TV show. After hearing one song, I had to buy the whole albums.
Nowadays if I hear a good song, I dig it up from YouTube or download it from somewhere before buying the album. And sometimes I don't buy the album at all. It's a shame.

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