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Camera wishlist

I've never been too into those big heavy DSLRs and when I think about what my next camera is going to be, those basic Canon EOS-cams and Sony Alphas aren't what pops into my head first. I guess I might be a little intimidated by them, too. I don't know much about different lenses and stuff, except for that they're going to rip you totally off of what little money you might have if you want to shoot with versatility. 
Personally I'm much more into smaller cameras that you can easily take with you anywhere you go. Even my #1 camera right now feels too big sometimes. But I'd still want a "better" camera technically than those basic little tourist-point&shoots. 

So this is what I have now:
Sony Cybershot DSC-H50
Very good, versatile, amazing zoom, I love it. 

Ms. D! aka Diana F+
Whenever I feel like shooting some film and sucking at it...she's my girl! :) I also have a fisheye-lens for this. I haven't finished the film I have inside yet, but when I do, we'll see what the fisheye is made of (read: what my sucky film-skills are made of). 

 The Biscuit Camera
And now the latest lover, the biscuit. Obviously not for 'serious' photography but just for fun.  

And these are my potential future lovers: 


Fujifilm FinePix X100
Amazing, beautiful retro look! That's what fell in love with. This one's gonna come out early 2011 and probably will cost a fortune...But it's PRETTY!  

 Olympus PEN EP-2
This also has a retro look to it which equals perfection (although next to the Fujifilm-camera it's not that retro after all) and it has art-filters that enable you to shoot, for example, lomo photos with your digital camera. The art-filters basically process the photos in-camera. That, to me, sounds too good to be true. You can also shoot some HQ video with this camera 
and it has removable lenses. 
But frankly it isn't as pretty as the Fujifilm...  

Soooo....if anyone feels like giving away some money, my wallet is here for you! :)  

Photos copied from the webz.
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