perjantai 15. lokakuuta 2010

This is my obsession

Have I mentioned I have an obsession with clocks?

My latest catch. 
I have a feeling that this clock will be used a lot as a prop...

The Golden Record by Karlsson

The Choco Lab by Karlsson

This one was on sale in some little antique/decorating shop that was closing down.

My parents gave me this one. I love it. It's hung over my piano.
This too has a great prop-potential.

A book clock

Betty Boob old fashioned alarm clock.
I don't keep it ticking because the noise is very loud.
But it's pretty.

A station clock

9/52 Let’s keep talking anything to stop clockwatching.
My famous book clock by Karlsson

 And last but not least my HOPE-clock.  

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