maanantai 15. marraskuuta 2010

Kuorosota - Clash of the choirs

Soo...Kuorosota (Clash of the choirs) started last night.

It's a TV-show that is based on a Swedish TV-show called Körslaget. The basic idea is that a bunch of famous people gather up a choir from the people of their hometowns and then they compete against each other. The celebrities have chosen a charity to which they will donate the price money if they win.

This year's celebrities are Suvi Teräsniska (a pop artist), Olli Herman (the singer of Reckless Love), Meiju Suvas (a schlager artist), Aste (a rapper), Emma Salokoski (a soul artist) and Pete Parkkonen (a rock artist).

I watch all of these kinds of shows (Idols, Talent, X-factor etc). I think there was something wrong with the audio system last night, because I could hardly hear the choirs beneath the solo singers...

Well anyways...I don't have a favorite from this season yet, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite performances from the last two seasons.

The choir of Timo Kotipelto - Hunting High And Low (Stratovarius)
The celebs are allowed to sing along in two (?) songs during the show.

The choir of Timo Kotipelto - Over The Hills And Far Away

The choir of Marco Hietala - Like A Virgin

The choir of Marco Hietala - I Walk Forever (Tarot)

Season 2 choirs - It's My Life

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