tiistai 14. joulukuuta 2010

This is my December

This is my DecemberIt's freezing cold today, but it has been clear blue skies so I'm loving it. I went down to the beach today and found a bunch of mallards there. I felt so sorry for them...don't their flippers get cold?

My dad bought this great digital photography book, The Digital Photography Book Vol. 1 by Scott Kelby (Suuri digikuvauskirja in Finnish) and I've started to pay more attention to the camera settings, technique and especially the composition again. In this photo the settings could've been much better, so I had to add some light on the mallards in Photoshop and it shows as messy graininess.

But I have a feeling those ducks aren't going anywhere so I'll be going back there sometime soon for a re-do.  

The Big Dipper

And as an update to the The Ark situation, me and my friend have tickets now so we're going to see them for the very last time!

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