lauantai 15. tammikuuta 2011

Beautiful day!

I was at the stable today and the weather was incredible! We went for a long walk with Pretti and I couldn't stop thinking about how I should have taken my camera with me (so typical, eh?). 

These were taken with my phone. 
The sunset was just so damn pretty I had to do something with it.

(This guy is one of the Finn horses that live in the stable)

It's funny how I didn't feel sick at all when I was at the stable (yesterday I could hardly make a sound and couldn't go to school or my riding lesson), but as soon as I came home I started coughing and sneezing again. Is there something in the city air or what?

P.S. I now have 29 readers! I'm thinking I should post something special when the 30th clicks the follow-button....I have absolutely no idea what that could be, though. Ideas? :)

4 kommenttia:

  1. #2 is wonderful however, I am really liking Pretti's frosted nose.

  2. Thanks Tim :) That's not Pretti, though. But you couldn't have known that :)

  3. glad I stumbled upon your blog. I plan to make it a habit.

  4. Hi Kara! I'm glad you did too :) Thank you!