tiistai 1. helmikuuta 2011

I got my Diana prints back!!

I got a call from the lab yesterday saying that my prints were brought back. As you can imagine, I was super excited and called my mom to pick them up today (I'm really sick with a cold at the moment). Well, she just brought them to me and I'm not that excited anymore...

First 35mm Diana film...

My very first 35mm Diana film aaaand it sucks. BIG time. 
Apparently I keep "compensating" with the viewfinder, when it's actually doing the exact opposite of good. I keep aiming a little higher than what I see through the viewfinder, although I've told myself a million times to stop it. And now, with the 35mm Back, it's even worse....I was out in the town shooting buildings and stuff with Ms. D and due to this problem of mine I barely have anything at all in my shots, except for the gray sky. Plus I think the color film is pretty much going to waste when shooting these colorless winter scenes. 

Oh well...live and learn, right? Now I know to kick myself the next time I stop trusting the viewfinder. 

But while my photos suck, this definitely doesn't! An amazing Britney-cover by Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider. This is obviously one of those songs that have all the ingredients to be amazing, but the original version just sucks (another good example is Rihanna's Umbrella). The true magic comes out when someone else does a better version of it and reveals it to the world.
Enjoy, subscribe and share! :)

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  1. Uggh, I am sorry to hear that you are sick and that your first 35mm experience with Miss D. did not work out as you wanted. Let's chalk this up to a learning experience. Next time, trust your camera. :)