sunnuntai 20. helmikuuta 2011

Testing,, two, three...

1/10s   f/3.5   ISO400   20mm   No post-processing
I haven't got anything great to publish yet, but I have been playing around with my new toy a lot (duh..). The one thing I've always wanted to have is the manual focus and with that more control over the depth of field. So now I have it (!) and I've been playing around and shooting close-ups of stuff around me. I'm also thrilled of being able to use ISO1600  indoors with tolerable noise in the photos (even in large size which you can't see here). 

I've been reading through the camera's user manual and my two photography books; Digital Photography 1, 2 & 3 by Scott Kelby and Parempia kuvia Canon EOS -järjestelmäkameralla (Better photos with Canon EOS DSLR) by Jukka Kolari and Peter Forsgård. The latter came with the camera and the other one I got as a Christmas present. Both of these books have been really helpful and they have these difficult technical stuff explained in fairly simple terms (well, I just about understand them, so they gotta be simple). I've always avoided learning the technical things about lenses and stuff like that before this, mainly because everything I've tried to read has been really difficult for me to understand.

With this new camera of mine I've really come to understand how much I have learned with my old camera. Seriously...Using a proper DSLR is now so much easier after shooting over two years with my Sony that has all the manual controls in it. I remember when my dad got his first digital SLR and I tried to study its manual. It was like trying to learn Chinese! Well maybe not, but you know what I mean.

1/8s   f/5   ISO1600   43mm   No PP

1/15s   f/5   ISO1600   43mm   No PP

1/10s   f/5   ISO1600   41mm   No PP
1/25s   f/4.5   ISO800   33mm   No PP
The Rocking Chair
1/1600s   f/3.5   ISO1600   18mm  
PP: shadows/highlights adjustment and vintage effect
Now that I look at those numbers I think the ISO could've been lower...:)

Yeah, so...these were some of the practice snaps I've been taking just to get to know this camera better. The weather hasn't been good enough for me to go for a walk. It's snowing and the black and white scenery outside really doesn't push my inspirational buttons.  

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  1. Shooting with a new camera is a lot like driving a new car. You already know how to drive, after all you have been driving your old car for years. Now you have to figure out how to turn the heat on and find the knob for the radio. This car is bigger and goes faster so, you need to learn how she handles around the curves and over rough roads.

    Too bad cameras don't have that new car smell. :)


  2. Keinutuolissa on tunnelmaa. Hyvä fiilis. ;)

  3. ihana toi keinutuolikuva.