maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011

Shopping for some cheap inspiration

I've been quite low on inspiration lately (again) and I've been just studying the theory of photography online, watching tutorials on Youtube and stuff like that. Somehow I always end up finding myself in photography forum topics on lenses and equipment, and that's pretty much how I bumped into a discussion of Canon EF 50mm 1.8 II lens. It started to sound so delicious that today, after all the resistance, I took a 100 € bill I had gotten as a Christmas present from my grandpa and I bought myself a 'nifty fifty'! After all, isn't gift money meant for buying something nice, instead of paying the rent? ;)

I have to say, I'm already in love. I love how small this lens is and the 1.8 is really something I've always wanted. And as many people have said in the forum discussions, the fixed focal length really makes you think more about the composition. In addition, it's already proving to be a wonderful lens to practice more efficient and quick manual focusing, having the focus ring so close.

I have only taken a few test shots with it, but even those test shots look pretty nice to me.

Psychedelic plant (dead-center, I know, but I think it kind of works).
f/2   1/15s   ISO200   50mm
f/1.8   1/15s   ISO400   50mm
f/1.8   1/15s   ISO200   50mm
f/1.8   1/15s   ISO100   50mm
f/1.8   1/25s   ISO200   50mm

7 kommenttia:

  1. Hurjasti onnea uudesta linssistä! =)

  2. Kiitos! Pakkohan se oli ostaa tuommoinen, kun kerta niin halvalla sai, verrattuna kaikkiin muihin putkiin. :)

  3. I am jealous. I really am. I can not get that kind of DOF with my gear. My fastest lens is only f3.5. I have an F2 50mm macro on my wish list. I think your experiments are getting good results. Spring will be here soon and you can find an entirely new range of subjects and bright colors to shoot.


  4. Thanks Tim! :) Juni and I are gonna try and get together this sunday for our photoshoot and I can't wait to test this baby for portraiture. So many great portrait artists use this lens for their work so I've been surfing online and trying to suck up as much of ideas and information as possible. Although in the end it's the actual doing-part that will teach me the most of course.

  5. Cool shots. What fun that you got a nifty fifty! I wish I had one. Have fun, and glad you found some inspiration!

  6. Hyvältä näyttää erityisesti nuo kasvikuvat!

    Itse olen kuolaillut Canonin EF 50mm 1.2f L USM-linssiä, mutta se onkin sitten jo melko kallis että ei ole varaa itselle ostaa. Olen sitä töissä kuitenkin käyttänyt ja se on paras pelastus pimeässä liikkuvia kohteita kuvatessakin. Plus että piirto on huippulaatua ja tarkennus on salaman nopea pimeässäkin tuon tarkennusmoottorin ansiosta.

    Vielä kiinnostaisi tilttiobjektiivit. Oletko niitä itse kokeillut?

  7. Enpä ole kyllä kokeillut. Ei välttämättä kyllä omassa käytössä tulisi edes niin paljoa tarvetta semmoisille. Mutta aika alussa olen vielä näiden obiskojen ihmettelyssä, että ehkä sitten joskus tulevaisuudessa semmoistakin pääsee kokeilemaan :)