tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

Photoshop tutorial requests!

I made a little tutorial (the same as in my previous post, only for GIMP and in Finnish) today using a screen recording software, and I was thinking I could make more. It was quite simple, quick to do and fun. 

So I would like to know if any of you, my dear readers and visitors, have a Photoshop (or GIMP) technique, effect or whatever that you would like me to do a video tutorial on! 

It can be a photo edit of mine that you like and would like to know how I did it, or it can be a photo or a banner/header perhaps on the internet that you saw and wondered how they did what they did, or anything. I absolutely  do not know everything about Photoshop, there is still loads (an understatement) to learn, but I can try. And if I get multiple suggestions (I really hope I do!), I'll choose some that I will do and leave those I know nothing about alone. 

So go ahead and hit me with a comment! :) 

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  1. I would like to see a PS tutorial on how you desaturate your images for the vintage look that you pull off so well. :)