maanantai 25. huhtikuuta 2011

Tallinn Photos

Hello! So I'm back from Tallinn, Estonia and I have a few photos to share. Mostly they are from the Tallinn zoo. I took loads of pictures of the gorgeous Tallinn old town, but those didn't turn out anything but boring.



Want to become a stence artist?








Spring in the Baltic Sea

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  1. Sairaan hienoja kuvia taas! Norsukuva oli suosikkini. ^^

  2. Kiitos Heidi! :) Yllättävän moneen onnistuin saamaan 1.8:lla tarkennuksen kohdilleen. Muut meni vauhdilla edellä niin kuvat joutui ottamaan hieman kiireessä.

  3. Mä en ikinä saa eläintarhassa hyviä kuvia juurikin siksi kun kaikki muut on aina menossa paikasta toiseen liian äkkiä. Pitäisi joskus varmaan lähteä muiden "kameranheiluttajien" kanssa katselemaan elukoita.

  4. Good work. I see you're getting use out of your 50mm. :)
    On the chimp photo, I would crop out the window, and up the contrast some to get a truer color of his coat.
    What kind of frog is that? It appears to have a shell?

  5. Thanks Barbara! Leaving the window was a conscious decision to add some context to the photo. The contrast was left like this because the face was too dark with more contrast. Of course I could've masked the face out. I didn't spend too much time on that photo because I was in hurry to edit some of the better ones :D

    I have no idea what kind of a frog it is. After a quick google search, I'd say it's a Tomato Frog. :)

  6. Welcome back Milla.

    As usual, you create the nicest tones with your images. Your photos of the reptiles are very good, I know this because I am creeped out by the snakes. I don't like snakes at all. :)

    I hope your entire trip was relaxing and fun.


  7. Awesome photo's Milla! Looks like it was an awesome Zoo. Is that a baby elephant? I love elephants! :)

    PS Did you change your url? I remember trying to visit your site and I thought it was like belief makes things real or something - I could be wrong though.

    Anyways have a nice day and glad you stopped by my blog to remind me your exists! :)

  8. Thanks, Tim :) I had a real nice time. I'm going to make the tutorial I promised in the near future, maybe tonight if I'm not too tired when I come back from the stables. Anyways, it's coming :)

    Hey, John! Yeah, I changed it a while back, because I wanted it to be a little more relevant.

    That elephant was a full grown male :) Real big guy, but there's nothing else in the photo that would show the scale, so it's understandable if he looks small.

    The zoo was actually partly quite a sad place. It's really old and not all the animals were living in the best conditions. For example, they had polar bears that looked extremely anxious walking around in circles in their small concrete cages. But they are gathering money to renovate the place.