sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011

The Photography Weekend - Grand Finale

Before I went to Vaasa, I found some of my old drawings. I started wondering if they could be made into photographs, and it turned out they could. Heidi was a perfect model for these and she was a great help in bringing my visions to life. 

The first sketch is a part of a fantasy story I started planning when I was a teenager. I never finished it, but sometimes I return to read the drafts, and they include drawings of the characters, such as this vampire. We edited the final image together. Heidi came up with an idea to use the moon and the smoke and I loved it.

Lady Moon
Lady Moon

The other one doesn't have a particular story behind it, just something I drew once. 

Ever after never came

All in all I had an awesome and productive weekend. Heidi and I knew each other from the internet, and it was great to meet her in real life. She's an amazing model and extremely talented photographer and photoshopper, and she taught me a lot of useful things during my stay. And I fell in love with her furry children, Sira, Saaga & Killi. :)

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