tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012


While I was in Vaasa, I had the honor and pleasure to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Poni. He reports about his adventures with other horse friends and of course with his human, Heidi, in his blog (in Finnish). You can go and check out the blog (and more photos) here: Ponin Boxi

I got to take a few laps with Poni too. :)
(© Heidi Järvi)
I got to shoot the riding photos (and the previous studio photos) with Heidi's Canon 70-200 2.8L and this time around its weight didn't get to sneak up on me. When shooting vertical shots, though, it is kind of tiring for my left wrist (which I broke a year ago, so it's now my bad wrist). But my little camera looked so grown up with it! And then it looked like a toy again once I put my fifty back on it. :D Oh well...Maybe someday I'll have something heavy and cool like that too.

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