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As I promised, my 300th post is going to be a request post, and here's the request:
     Tim: "I would like to know how you have changed the most in those 300 posts."

I will tell/show you guys the progress of my photography as well as this blog. So here we go!
The year I started this hobby was 2008. In the summer I took my photos with my dad's DSLR and the subjects consisted of nature, old abandoned houses and our dog. I started this blog without really knowing what to do with it. Posting my photos was only one thing I did, some other posts I've deleted over the years.  
In the Christmas 2008 I got my first camera, a Sony superzoom, and I started (among other things) taking self-portraits. I took on a 52 challenge in Flickr where I'd make one selfie per week for a year. Well, in the end, it took me like two years or something so complete it, but who's counting? I also started processing my pics with likes of Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery. Once I got to know GIMP, there was no going back.
I think this was about the time I changed the permanent language of this blog into English as I got to know people through Flickr and Digital Photography School's forums. I still was kind of clueless when it came to blogging. I would update like once a moth or less. 
So yeah, the processing stayed and I learned more and more and more.  

During the second half of 2010 this blog was much more about music than ever. I would blog about every new artist I came across (apparently I came across If I remember correctly, this was about the time I started using Photoshop - and never looked back. 

In the beginning of 2011 I started hanging out at the stables more and  horses became natural regular subjects. I also got my first DSLR which has upped the game for me more than I ever imagined. Somewhere around here I got sick of shooting nature and landscapes and such and turned my focus on animals, secretly dreaming about portraiture.
This blog and my inspiration for blogging had gotten new wings and I started to make it more about photography.  
At the end of summer 2011 everything changed (ah, the drama). I met Heidi online and visited her in Vaasa. She has taught be so much about lighting and the world of portraiture that there is no way I could leave her out this post. Having a confident, experienced and not to mention beautiful model in front of my camera has given me a huge spark to photograph people as I've always wanted to. 

I think that pretty much sums it all up. Now I am where I am, and I have a huge drive to learn more and gather more bravery for people photography. Thankfully I do have loads of beautiful friends who are willing to help me with this goal. 

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