maanantai 1. lokakuuta 2012


I had a new model booked for last Saturday, but unfortunately she had gotten sick so she had to cancel. Luckily, my new friends, Sofia and Pasi, raised up to save the day! They suggested we'd go out driving to scout out some photoshoot locations, and I talked Sofia into modeling for me a bit. 

I'd had this idea of posing with a see-through fabric for a while now, and I'd been asking if any of my previous models had that kind of fabric, but none of them ever did. I told about this idea to Sofia and she was the greatest and actually went to buy that fabric so we could get the shots! The fact that this shoot hadn't come true with anyone before, was probably meant to be, because the outcome of Saturday was just perfect. 

Pasi used his sparetime to the greater good and took some BTS-shots of us:


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