sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

The best of the last few shoots

I'm gonna be lazy now and instead of posting all the photos of all the shoots I've done these past few weeks, I'm going to post the best shots from each shoot and link to the whole sets in my gallery site. Click the images to see the whole sets! :)

I find it quite baffling that people are willing to travel over hundred kilometers to have their photos taken by me (with the TFCD principle). Eerika was one of such people. She came from Seinäjoki to spend her weekend in Tampere and to do a photoshoot with me.
This image ended up being something totally different than what I had planned. I wanted a proper photoshop project and that I got. After many hours and many deep breaths, this is what I came up with.

Then I had an extempore photoshoot with a friend of mine, Priscilla, and her tiny little chihuahua, Tirppa. I got to train my makeup skills on her, and we ended up taking shots with more natural look and also with something little bit wilder.

Two weeks ago I had the luxury to have my dear Heidi here again and she wanted a new "normal looking" profile photo for Facebook. I got to play a makeup artist with her too, and as it was the "dress in pink" -day (to show appreciation to the breast cancer survivors and the people who battle with it), we went all pink.

Last but definitely not the least, I had another model travel for a photoshoot. Krista came from Vantaa and we had a wonderful day. She wanted something more natural for her portfolio, so we went to the beach and took these cold-day-at-the-beach kind of photos. Then I wanted to do something wilder, and as the Halloween was right around the corner, we decided to go with the Dark Lady look. I also had my wonderful assistant and friend, Pasi, with me and he helped me to play with flashes for the first time.

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