keskiviikko 21. marraskuuta 2012

Queen Ravenna

"I shall give this wretched world the queen it deserves."
Last Saturday I got up at 6 am and started getting ready and packing. Around 9 am I started the car and headed for Nokia to pick up Sanni, and then be begun our 3-hour-roadtrip to Vaasa. A couple of months ago Sanni suggested that we'd turn her into the queen Ravenna from Snow White and The Huntsman, and this was our goal for the weekend. It was fun driving to Vaasa with someone for once. Usually I'm alone and the drive feels so much longer. 

We got to Vaasa around noon, and Heidi took us to check out the location for the shoot. After that I did Sanni's make up and hair and Heidi graciously borrowed her clothes for the outfit. I was supposed to make the feather collar, but that idea had crashed and burned back at home. I had already given up and getting used to the idea that she wouldn't have the collar, when Heidi showed us her little black angel wings that were in fact perfect for the job. 

It seems to have become some sort of a tradition that in every photoshoot there has to be problems with the flashes. Before the shoot was over, a volcano had erupted inside Heidi's head and spit the smoke out of her ears, and I had almost fallen into silent despair when the rim light in the camera right went off only when its highness wanted to. But after all this we managed to get the shots we needed and wanted, and we may still have some of our mental health left to ruin in shoots to come too. 

Photos & edit: Milla Kouhia
Model: Sanni Saarenmaa
Assistant & clothing: Heidi Järvi
Skirt: Marianna Bragge

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