perjantai 22. maaliskuuta 2013

My baby through Lensbaby

I think I've been suffering from gear-envy these past few days, as I've read how a blogger I follow has bought herself a Canon EOS 60D and my dear friend got herself a 5D mk II after her old and faithful camera body died last week. 

Well, last night I was watching a video about a fashion shoot shot with a Lensbaby, and within 5 minutes or so I was in my car, on my way to buy myself a Lensbaby Composer. I spent the rest of the night annoying my dog with it, and I'm totally in love! I can't wait to shoot some portraits with it...

In the meanwhile, here's Severus. :)

The first shot I took, and instantly fell in love.
A slightly suspicious little dog...
Puppy sleep

4 kommenttia:

  1. Kiitti vaan, nyt munkin tekee mieli! ;)

  2. These are amazing photos, especially for just starting out with the Lensbaby! Super sweet.

    1. Thank you! He's not exactly the easiest target to practice with ;D