maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2010

The apartment!

My new flat's decoration is pretty much done! I love my home so much. Sometimes I think "wow, what an awesome apartment" and then I remember that it is I who lives here.
So I thought I'd share a couple of photos with you.

This is from my bedroom. I move my bonsai trees and other plants from the living room to my bedroom if I have the balcony door open.

This is my living room (the left side). I don't know where the color theme came from, but it's pretty much all dark brown and red. There I have my tripod; I think it's pretty nice looking to have it as a sort of a decoration item. It represents my hobby.
And then I have my lovely brown-lab-clock (Karlsson-clocks The same brand as my 'famous' book-clock. I love Karlsson's clocks cos they aren't boring. I would want so much more of them.) up on the wall in between two photos of my family's late lab, Kessu. Those where the last photos I took of him before he died so they have a lot of sentimental value to me. Both can be found from my Flickr photostream.
The curtains in both bedroom and living room are from Vallila Interior. Also the pillow covers on the couch are from Vallila Interior.
The couch is from Suomisoffa.

This is the right side of my living room. Next to the book shelf on the right is my computer desk.
Here you can see my Inca-inspired rug which I love. I saw it online (Kodin Ykkönen) and I just had to have it.

This is my living room book/DVD -shelf.

This is from my entryway. A big mirror, a Shaman drum -lamp from Lapland and a photo (taken by me) of Kessu's nose. :)

This one some of you've already seen. This window is a cool detail and I put my dream catcher up against it and below it I have my fern, HOPE-clock, one of my miniature cars and a jewelery box that looks like an old book. It's got an old map of USA carved on it. I think it's from Paperblanks. At least it's the same style and it was placed on top of the Paperblanks-books (I have two of those, I love them!).

And this is my favorite room in the whole world; my bedroom. I love the curtains and the green "grass"-rug on the floor. The counterpane is brown in one side, light green on the other. At the moment I have the green side up and it brings so much light into the room. It feels like you're in a summery birch forest when you walk into the room.
There on the left I have my piano and a closet. On the right side wall I have a book shelf and a mirror.

And this is my kitchen. I don't like the color of the cupboards but it doesn't bother me that much anymore. They've grown on me I guess.

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