torstai 11. marraskuuta 2010

Bon Jovi shirt!

I originally bought this t-shirt for my senior year celebrations in 'high school'. We were the "last eighties" (born in 1989) and this shirt was so spot on. And I love Bon Jovi so... :)

I had this and a couple of other t-shirts shortened last year (?) and now I have no idea what I was thinking...Ok, I was a little (!) slimmer then, but still...there is no way I could ever wear these shirts without a longer shirt underneath them and it sucks. Time-machine anyone???  

And yeah, my cast matches with the shirt, doesn't it? ;) I have another date with the x-ray machine in less than an hour.

This Left Feels Right is an amazing album btw.
I love this version of You Give Love A Bad Name.

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