tiistai 9. marraskuuta 2010

My favorite Eminem songs (a few of them anyways)

I started listening to Eminem when I was about 14 years old. I've never been too into hiphop/rap-music, but there's something in this guy's songs that just moves me. Not the Slim Shady stuff, though. The serious stuff.
A few years passed and I didn't listen to him much, but then I heard Love The Way You Love before it started playing in the radio and I couldn't stop listening to it.

Lose Yourself
I love 8 Mile.

Squre Dance
The Eminem Show was the first Eminem album I bought
and its songs take me back to my teenage years.

Hailie's Song

Love The Way You Lie
I'm not too into Rihanna, but this song is so....passionate (no thanks to Rihanna, though).

Not Afraid
The video of this is great as well as the song. I love Eminem's natural hair color on him.
The bleach blond was awful.

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