tiistai 9. marraskuuta 2010

Exploding Pianos (a cool band name?)

Goodbye my almost loverI've been wanting to incorporate my piano in a photo for a long time, but I never figured out a way that would satisfy me. Then I found this feather lying on my floor (it came from a pillow) and I took the guitar shot with it. You can find that one from Acoustic music junkie -post. And so after that I took this photo and there it is.
Well...I'm still not fully satisfied..I would like to make a self-portrait with my piano, but I haven't had that ground-breaking idea for that yet.

Surely, something like this would create the dramatic effect. ;)
But I don't have an extra grand piano lying around just waiting to be blown to pieces, so...

Mine is just an electric Roland. Wouldn't look as good while being blown up.   

And if you're like me and wondering whether that is just some kind of pure magic done with Photoshop or the real deal, see the next video. I'm telling you........no, wait, no I'm not, because I'm speechless.
I do not know what to say.
Except for 1. poor little piano and 2. I wanna do that too!!


See the final video in my other post over here.  

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