tiistai 9. marraskuuta 2010

Layout update!

Some drastic construction going on. I'll update more once I'm done.

Ok. Pretty much done now. Much cleaner, but still not too boring, I think (at least I think I think that...).
Please give me some feedback, though! I would've wanted to keep the slideshow displaying my photos in Flickr ("Imaginary"), but I just don't seem to find a good spot for it.

I removed most of the widgets. Too many people thought they were distracting.
Everything they were linking to can still be found from the Linkage!

I found this great blog forum, Bloggeries, yesterday.
I've received some good constructive feedback on my layout problems and I think it's paying off. :)

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  1. Yeah, nice forum! You have a lot of great song in this blog. Cool...