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Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

The originalOk, I posted this elsewhere a moment ago and I just had to make this into a blog post.
A person posted a video with their snowy yard and the video was titled "It's grim up north". Nothing bad about that, don't get me wrong, but it just got me thinking of all the people who complain about the winter. Everyone are entitled to their opinions - of course - but I can't help but to feel a little alone with mine.

I personally am the happiest person alive when the first snow comes to town every year. I hate autumn and the snow takes it all away and makes everything beautiful again. I especially love the days when it's cold, snowy and the sun shines. Those are a rarity and I can't stop smiling on days like that.

Winter moonI seriously can't understand how anyone can call a snowy scenery 'grim'! The autumn is much much MUCH grimmer a season than the winter, at least if there is snow.
I think everything is so beautiful when it snows and when it's snowy outside. The cold (well, reasonable cold. As my dad said, when the Celsius figures begin to start with the number -3 (thirty-something) it's not so great anymore) and the snow is much better than the +30 C weather that we had this summer.

Ok, there are some things I don't like about winter. For example, driving in the small country roads when going to visit my parents and when going to the stables. Ever since I drove my first car out of the road and crashed it two years ago I've been very paranoid about whether my car is sliding in the turns or not.
And I don't like the daily gamble on whether my car is going to start or not after spending 15 min trying to get the door to open and then spending 15 min scraping the ice off the windows and then spending another 15 min trying to get the door to stay closed again. No, I'm not a huge fan of those ;)

PeräjärviIt's been colder November so far than ever before in here. However it hasn't been that cold at all. That statement makes it sound like it's -40C here or something. It's been around -10C to -20C. They have predicted that it's going to be a record breaking cold winter this year.

Here's a classic for you to sum it all up. :)

Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow! 

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