torstai 18. marraskuuta 2010

The Wool Socks (a cool band name? vol. 2)

The Wool Socks
I went to the gym this morning. I love being there all by myself with just my mp3-player filling my ears with sweet sounds of heavy metal music.

I've started to exercise much more. Even though I'm not what would be considered "fit" by no means, exercising makes me feel much better. So good in fact that I actually looked into the mirror at the gym and thought, "I do actually look pretty good".
And that is very rare, my friends.

How does any of this concern my socks?
No idea. But there they are.

India Arie - Ready For Love cover song
Paramore - My Heart cover song

2 kommenttia:

  1. I had one mission: to knit a pair of wool sock in a year, well guess did I made it? I just love everything made of wool, especially in the winter!

  2. I've made one wool sock in school once :D It wasn't all that great. These were made by my granny; when she still could see, she made us socks for every Christmas.
    Now that it's gotten cold, I'm always wearing wool socks at home.