perjantai 11. helmikuuta 2011

I'm SMELLing a pattern here

No, my life really doesn't contain anything else than horses.
I live at the stable, I have my own box.

[just kidding...]

Should I make this into a series?

c o l d
c o l d . Do you think I'm over-doing the tones and the vintage effect? The originals are good too, but then I just can't help myself trying how the photos would look like with these kinds of tones and...well, I'm addicted and I'm worrying I'm over-doing it to the point where it's not pretty anymore. Am I???!


4 kommenttia:

  1. Are ya kidding me? Your images are wonderful and expressive. I really like the tones that you achieve. I just wish the horses on the farm didn't turn away every time I point a camera in their face. I like the self portraits in their eyes.

    There is another style of image that you do of peoples legs. I have seen a few of them from you and every time, I think that you are on to something interesting with them.

    Keep the great pictures coming because I have become a huge fan. I like where you are taking the art form as you explore your capabilities into new directions. I like how your images differ so much from my own.

  2. Thanks Tim! I really appreciate it :)

    I'm loving the horses of the new stable we moved to. Most of them are so curious and like to be petted even by strange people (like I am to them).

    I think one of the good qualities of my camera is that it doesn't make a sound when I take photos (not a DSLR, no mirror etc.), so they think it's just a black box thingy (="NOT FOOD!?" ;P).

  3. Pidän suunnattomasti tuosta ensimmäisestä kuvasta. Valo, sommittelu ja sävyt luovat todella mukavan tunnelman. :)

  4. Kiitos, Toni! :) Minäkin tykkään siitä ehkä eniten. Tajusin vasta kotona, että ponin ja loimen värit sointuivat todella hyvin sinisen taivaan ja lumen kanssa yhteen.