keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011

Pretti, the Little Miss Sunshine

I took my camera with me to the stable today. I arrived just before the sunset and the lighting was pretty awesome. Pretti got to be my model :)

From this angle she looks a lot like a mule. :P

Little Miss Sunshine
I love how the beams of light are visible here.

February sunset

Darkness Falls
This guy is not Pretti. I was zooming out to the last horse to get just one horse in with the sunset.

3 kommenttia:

  1. I commented the first one on flickr, but my favourite has to be the second one. That light is really something!! A really great capture!

  2. Milla, that light is spectacular. i can't figure out how you managed to get the sun rays in front of Pretti. We just do not have that kind of light around here in Ohio. Looks like inspiration hit you in the form of Pretti. Does she like to have her picture taken?

  3. Thanks Fabio! :)

    Tim: Well, she doesn't run away...:D She doesn't care really.